Melissa Lee Johnson

Wanna Work Together?

Email me at to discuss your project! I’m happy to answer all of your questions and give you a quote.

Note: I’m booked through June 2019, but can take project for Summer and Fall 2019.

Selected Clients: Macmillan Publishing, Parents Magazine, Hacienda Beer Co., Milwaukee Film, Shepherd Express, Milwaukee County Parks, Company Brewing, and Memra Language Services.


I know you want attention, but stock images and generic fonts won’t get you noticed. Create a totally unique ad campaign using illustration and hand lettering. Billboards, digital & print ads, or social media - I can do it all.

Reading isn’t just for nerds! Or old people! (Take it from me, a card-carrying Millennial). Bring your articles to life, and reinforce your brand with eye-catching custom illustrations.


I know you’re beautiful on the inside. But are you beautiful on the outside? Use illustration to give your brand killer looks to match its sparkling personality. A well-defined visual identity will make you instantly recognizable.

Be the fanciest bitch around and commission me to make a work of art, just for you. Pet portraits? Check. Hand lettered message of your choice? Check. A portrait of yourself to hang above the fireplace? CHECK.