Melissa Lee Johnson

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For project inquiries, email me at or fill out the project form below. I’m happy to answer all of your questions and give you a quote! You can learn more about what I have to offer on my Services page.

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It's ok if you don't have all the details! Throw all your ideas at me, I promise we can make something cool together.
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These sizes all work with standard frames, with or without a mat. I like to make framing easy for ya :)
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FYI I print on Archival giclée print on 340 gsm Epson Cold Press Bright White Watercolor Paper. It's really nice.
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This will probably be an Adobe Photoshop file, but it also could be Illustrator or InDesign.
Obviously this only applies to physical work. Unless you just want me to know where you live?
Do you have a specific date you need this by? I typically need a minimum of 2 weeks to complete project. NOTE: I am now booking for November 2019!
Are you a babe on a budget? I can work with that. Either a specific amount or a range will work.
Is it ok to sleep with socks on?
I'm asking for a friend.