Melissa Lee Johnson

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Memra Language Services

Memra Language Services is a linguistic services consultancy based in Madison Wisconsin. Memra ’ mission is “to make relevant, linguistic research accessible to the business community and to meet companies' needs for improving investment.” I’ve created a logo set for the brand, as well as a set of six spot illustration that correlate to their seminars offered.



How and Why Language Changes Over Time: Generational Misunderstandings in the Workplace

Language and Power: How Language Use Interacts with Identity, Gender, and Authority at Work

Why Language is the Best Technology Humans have Ever Invented...And How You Could be Capitalizing on It

Non-Standard Varieties of English in the Workplace: A New Take on Language Professionalism

Understanding Child Language Acquisition: Learning to Ride a Bike or Learning to Walk?

SPECIAL SESSION Feelings at Work The Complicated Linguistic Task of Communicating Emotions


Express Creative

Illustrated Icons for an inbound marketing agency.



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