Melissa Lee Johnson

10th Annual Milwaukee Film Fest

The Milwaukee Film Fest is a 15 day festival showcasing a wide array of films. For the 10th anniversary in conjunction with MFF’s operation of The Oriental Theatre on a year-round basis, we worked with the concept of a community which exists in a "dollhouse." We especially took inspiration from Wes Anderson film sets. Each room functions as it's own individual illustration and together as a whole composition. I am honored to have been chosen to create the 10th anniversary art :) 


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Milwaukee Film Fest 2018 Animation by Harvest Motion



This illustration is used for the following; MFF program book (cover and interior design elements), social media channels, printed goodies, promotional giveaways, print ads, web ads, outdoor ads (ie. billboards, bus stops), digital slides, festival merchandise, festival operations, on-site window perfs, sponsor deck cover, and annual report cover.